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Lake Titicaca 2D/1N

Puno is located in the south of Peru on the shores of the magnificent Lake Titicaca at 3800 meters above sea level. Puno is the melting pot of Inca and Aymara cultures, as well is very well known as a folkloric capital of Peru which it lives up to well with its huge number and variety of traditional dances and music the main attraction of Puno is te highest navigable lake in the world Lake Titicaca with existing islands of Amantani and Taquile the islands are protected by UNESCO because they are the only Quechua speaking communities and they follow the lifestyle of the Incas times.

Machupicchu trails always try to go with local communities to have a better understanding of local people in the islands in this opportunity you will visit the Floating island of Uros and Taquile then stay in a homestay with a local family.

DAY 1:

DAY 1: we will pick you up from your Hotel and transfer you to the port to board our motorboat we will depart in 45 minutes we will visit the floating island of Urus here you learn the lifestyle of the local people who are living for years after your visit you will continue on motorboat for 2 hours to Taquile Island. Here you will hike up for 30 minutes to the main plaza of the community to learn the unique traditions and customs of the island after you will have a traditional lunch after lunch you will return to Karina Community where you will spend a night with a local family. Homestay

DAY 2: After having breakfast with your host family you will help to work in the farm and interact with them until lunch after lunch you will comeback by your boat for 2 hours to Puno port here we will transfer to your Hotel.

Tour: Lake Titicaca 2D/1N
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