Locally Owned Company


Our main goal is to give back to the local community. I grew up in this small local Quechua-speaking community, worked as a porter in the Inca Trail, and eventually became a tour guide leading groups all over Peru. now created my own company Machu Picchu Trails Peru.  I know where I come from and am grateful for what I am, I deeply understand that I have to contribute with the people in my community while working together with the children for a successful education, respecting and caring for the Pachamama or the environment.

The Rural Community of Choquecancha is located approximately 3500 meters above sea level, in the foothills of the Lares Mountain Range, a part of the spectacular Andes. Choquecancha is brimming with pieces of Inca history, such as terraces, Qolqas or (granaries), and other architectural relics of the Inca period. The main plaza boasts an Inca Wall with 14 trapezoidal doors. The original INCA TRAIL crosses through this local community with the traditional customs life stile from the Inca times. Near to this community is located the beautiful and relaxing Hot Springs with medicinal waters that range from 36° to 40° c. if you like to visit the community to meet the exceptional weavers in the Peruvian Andes let us know.