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Perú is a magic country and indicated to have lifelong experiences para for you and your other half, to celebrate its honeymoon, anniversaries or other special celebrations. Perú offers brilliant scenarios in every sense of the coast, Andes, and jungle, showing its rich culture, tradition, history, the best culinary activity in all Latin America, and its outstanding landscapes.

Our vast range of private luxury journeys will bring you a unique Perú trip. Starting from the city of the kings by the coast of Perú, going to the Andes where you will explore the new seven wonders of the world. Machu Picchu and Cusco or (Qosqo) the sacred valley, salt mines. in the amazon rainforest where you will enjoy the flora and fauna of Perú. and the world.

Our expert Perú travel designer will put together, a completely personalized travel plan. for you and your journey will be based on your interests, preferences, and time.


Meet Peru host in the Airport of Lima, please look for your Machu Picchu trails host holding a sign with your name on it. We know you will be tired after a long journey from your home country, Our host will transfer you to your hotel.


Lima is the largest and the most populated city in Peru. you will visit the historic downtown áreas an as the cathedral, San Francisco church, and Larco museum, after your visit your private guide will bring you back to your Hotel. Lima is very well known particularly for its excellent cuisine like our traditional CEVICHE Food from the coast. Or Our Pisco Sour a Peruvian cocktail. Your travel designer can arrange any of these beautiful restaurants for you, as well depending on your interest and expectation, we can put together the best thing to see and to do in the city to make your more memorable your journey.


After a good night’s sleep, we will bring your family directly to the airport for the morning flight to Cusco. It will be short to fly for one hour. in the airport of Cusco, you will meet your host and your private guide. Who will be in charge of your stay? After you will drive to Awanacancha where you will see the llama and alpaca farm. After our visit you will continue driving in the outstanding landscape along this drive we will stop for family photos. Until we arrive at the restaurant HACIENDA HUAYOCCARI. Here we will have very nice organic Peruvian food, after lunch, we will drive you to your Hotel in the sacred valley.  Driving time. Before lunch two hours. after lunch for 30 minutes.


The sacred valley of the Incas is known for its beautiful breathtaking views of the Urubamba mountain range. Today your private guide will pick you up. And drive to Moray, experts today believe their grassy amphitheaters served as an agricultural research center, in the Inca times, for the circular architecture that provides a different microclimate each terrace. after we will drive to salineras the salt pans. Along this drive, we will pass true the town of Maras, a small colonial town, very well known as providers of salt to the Cusco region back in Inca and colonial times. Salineras has over 3800 pans still in use nowadays by the local community of Maras and Pichinccoto, here you will have the opportunity to try the salty wáter coming underground as well as tests the salt who has a lot of minerals. After you visit Salineras you will continue driving for 30 minutes to continue your activity Andean ceremony.  When you get to this place you will meet an Andean priest who is in charge to lead this ceremony. To get an insight into the Peruvian culture of today and keep you and your families entertained, we are going to have a special moment to do the traditional offering devoted to Pachamama meaning Mother Earth. This ceremony feels as though you have traveled back in time with sacred medicines and prehispanic instruments used during the devotional chanting. after this relaxing and meditating time you will go to have a delicious picnic lunch after lunch we will drive back to your hotel.


Today your private guide will pick you up. And drive for 45 minutes to Pisaq.  in your family holiday in Peru. we will show you like world’s known Pisaq Market. This is the largest handicraft market in the Region. Located on the side of Urubamba river. Open every day, but on Sundays, it is very busy because the local people who live in the area have to barter their products for a week. After exploring the local market we will drive for 30 minutes to the Amaru community. Where you will experience the daily life of local people in the Andes of Perú. all of them have unique traditions, customs, and they speak the Quechua language our Inca language. Your family will share the lunch with the locals After your visit you will drive back to the Pisaq archeological site, then you will be back to your hotel.


Today your private guide will pick you up. And drive to the train station. this train ride is beautiful following the Urubamba river on both sides you will enjoy the views and the lush green vegetation or the Cloud forest until Aguas Calientes town or Machu Picchu town.  from here you will take a short bus journey to the entrance of the site. Upon arrival settle in for lunch at the Sanctuary lodge. After lunch, you will have a private guided tour of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Machu Picchu. Today you will have the opportunity to take a lot of pictures to the side your guide will explain and show to you the best spots. After exploring the citadel you will return to Aguas Calientes your guide will take you to the hotel.


Huaynapicchu and Machu Picchu are one of the coveted hikes while your visit to the seven wonders of the world, today you have the option to hike two different trails. Huaynapicchu or Machu Picchu mountain is totally up to you on how you would like to finish your Machu Picchu luxury trip please note that only a limited amount of hikers are allowed to climb both mountains each day and tickets will need to be purchased in advance along with your Machu Picchu entrance. After the second day exploring Machu Picchu you will return back to Aguas Calientes town and take the afternoon train to Poroy or Ollantaytambo. Where you will meet a Machu Picchu trails host who will bring you back to your Hotel Cusco.


Cusco is located in the Peruvian Andes is the most fascinating place in South America, which never fails to surprise visitors with its rich culture, art, history, food. With its excellent Hotels, restaurants, bars, and local markets. Cusco city a product of the fusión of pre – Inca, Inca, and Spanish cultures, and this beautiful city is UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will feel the magic of the impressive legacy of Inca culture, as you walk through its narrow Stone streets as we visit its colonial buildings constructed over the Inca remains, an extraordinary city with more and its fair share of places brimming with mysticism and grandeur.  Your local expert guide will collect to your Hotel for a private tour of the city Starting in the San Blas neighborhood to Santo Domingo convent monastery. This monastery was previously the Koricancha temple. The most important temple dedicated to worship the Sun God back in the Inca times. According to the chronicles, it was covered in gold leaf and filled with golden representations of nature. Your next stop will be the main plaza of Cusco and visit the Cathedral. After you will drive to Sacsayhuaman. Here you will be impressed by the handmade Inca architecture with enormous carved stones joined together with the utmost precisión. in the Inca times, it represented one of the most important temples to worship their deities. After you will continue exploring other archeological sites Quenko, Pukapukara andTambomachay. From here you will drive back to the city center to enjoy your lunch. We will have a list of recommendations for the restaurants for you to go to. And if it’s needed we will book for you. Let us know if you have any particular activity that you would like to do during your stay in Cusco or would like our recommendations that we can put together with your package. In the surrounding área as Tipon, Pikillacta, San Pedro market, chocolate museum. Cooking class. And others.

Altitude: of Cusco is 3400m. 10812 ft. Above sea level, dry, sunny days. Cold nights, Rainy season from November to march. Accessibility Air, Land, By Train.


Today we will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the airport. After having a wonderful life long experiences with us. Unless you keep traveling with us. in extension tours we will get you to the destination. Please let us know for any changes or we make arrangement any extra activities that you would like do it.

Tour: HoneyMoon Tour
Type: Luxury Travel
Duration: 10 Days